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Awarded Accreditation From The Joint Commission

Antioch California, June 2007-By demonstrating compliance with the Joint Commission's national standards for health care quality and safety, J. Cole Recovery Homes, Inc. has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval TM. Unannounced on-site surveys were part of the accreditation process.

"In becoming accredited, J. Cole Recovery Homes Inc. was evaluated against a set of national standards by a Joint Commission surveyor experienced in the delivery of behavioral health care services," says Mary Cesare-Murphy, Ph.D., executive director, Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program, Joint Commission. "Achieving accreditation demonstrates J. Cole Recovery Homes commitment to provide high and safe quality care."

Debra Barcellos, Program Director says that accreditation shows that "we make a significant investment on a day-to-day basis from the top down. We seek accreditation for our organization because we want to be the best and we view obtaining Joint Commission accreditation as another step toward excellence."

Accreditation is attainable only through cooperation and communication among staff members. "Everyone at J. Cole Recovery Homes plays a vital role in working to meet the standards. It gives them a feeling of prestige to work in an accredited organization. We have worked hard to exceed the state and federal requirements."

Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission seeks to continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations. The Joint Commission is the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care.

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Licensed and certified by ADP

The State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs

Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
1700 K Street
Sacramento, Ca. 95811
Phone Toll Free: 1-800-879-2772
Licensing and Certification Division
Phone: 1-916-322-9897

Charter Member of CAARR
California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources

CAARR/Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists
2921 Fulton Ave.
P.O. Box 214127
Sacramento, Ca. 95821
Phone: 1-916-338-9460


J Cole Recovery Homes, Inc requires there is a division of labor among the workers in our Social Model Setting. The program shall provide a smooth, efficient operation that will ensure an effective treatment program. Cole House has outlined an organizational chart detailing the levels and functions of the administration.

Focus on Staff

Larry Albert

House Manager-Counselor, C.A.S. II, 8 years

EXPERIENCE WITH ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: "30 years of marijuana, 20 years of meth (methamphetamine), my 'drug of choice'. I started as a casual user and ended up losing my family, my jobs, my freedom, my dignity. I almost lost my life (fires, explosions, shootings and car accidents). After 20 years of using every day, I became that "TWEEK" we all point out & distance ourselves from ." SOBRIETY: "I am coming up on 9 years clean. I was arrested the day before Easter, 2000 for an illegal turn on a one-way street. They found a 1/4 oz. of meth under the hood of the car. I was very sick with bronchitis and they let me go the next morning. I walked outside the Concord Police Department and I saw a bunch of HAPPY people gathered out front. I thought to myself "they must be waiting for a bus to go to Reno", when somebody that knew me said "Its about time, Larry". I went into the Sunday morning meeting and for the first time when people spoke, I actually listened. A light bulb went off. I decided right then and there to do whatever it would take to change my life around. I knew I was a "wreck". I went into detox and then back-to-back programs and then to Cole House. I took advantage of every opportunity I could. I listened to others who had been where "I" was and had a quality of life. I DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK. It took a long time to get back "control" of my life. I had the atitude "whatever it takes, I will do". This all started and was made possible when I got on my knees and asked GOD to help me!" WHY I CHOOSE TO WORK IN THIS FIELD: "It chose me', I was asked to be a temporary House Manager. Then I was asked to be a part of starting a NEW program with a unique and different approach. I said I would help out temporarily and here I am, 8 years later. It was just meant to be. I never knew I could put others needs ahead of my own, considering, 'it used to be all about me'. Today its 'What and How can I help you? THE REWARDS: "I have quality in my life today. I like who I am, and most people like me and respect me and what I do. I have a good relationship today with my 3 daughters and have been able to help them all from time to time, because I am clean and sober. My granddaughter, who is now 2 1/2 years old will never have to know me the way I was, but will know and love Grandpa. Grandpa, me, will never never lie or let her down because drugs were more important. HOW IS COLE HOUSE DIFFERENT? "We care for all of our residents. We are 1 staff to 4 residents, hands on and will go the extra mile for those who want recovery. We do our best to help them get quality back in their lives, by giving them the "SOLUTION"


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