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This information is provided for concerned Parole Agents, Probation Officers, Attorneys, Public Defenders, Assessors.

J Cole Recovery Homes, Inc. is a men’s Residential Treatment Program licensed and certified by the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs, www.adp.ca.gov and Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Behavioral Healthcare Organizations www.jcaho.org We are a 24-hour residential program that provides non-medical services to adult males ages 18 years and older who are recovering from problems associated with alcohol and/or drug abuse.

While we deliver services to the Private Community, we are also structured for the Criminal Justice Client.

We have in place (to ensure adequate service to residents and the community) certain Standards, Rules and Regulations that require very strict adherence by both staff and residents that include but are not limited to the following: staff supervision and security 24 hours a day. No resident is permitted to have a vehicle, there is no congregating or gathering in the front of the house or in the driveway except to enter or exit the program van, limit access by individuals who are not residents, staff or otherwise authorized persons. Access is denied to persons under the influence, suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or persons in possession of illegal weapons as well as to those who do not have prior authorization. We do have an OPEN DOOR POLICY FOR PAROLE AND PROBATION.

Our residents are men who have been handicapped by alcoholism and/or drug abuse. The realization is that this problem is not exclusive to them; rather it affects their families, employers, communities, judicial system and the likes. Because of the enormity of the effect on the community as a result of the lifestyle, we here at J Cole Recovery Homes, Inc. truly believe that a highly structured and well-defined program in a residential social model setting is conducive to realizing a new life in recovery. Our goal in this setting is to not only reduce recidivism, but educate them, assist them in learning life skills, some as simple as cleaning and cooking and yard work to more complex issues such as goal setting and attaining, redefining relationships, employment, being self-sufficient and having in place a solid support system with loved ones and friends who have the same goal, life without drugs and alcohol.

J Cole Recovery Homes, Inc. provides the following non-medical services: residency and meals, individual counseling, educational group and process group sessions, relapse prevention, 10,11,12 step workshops, family education groups, random UA testing and breathalyzer testing to assure verifiable compliance and sobriety, mandatory AA/NA meetings, in-house self-help support, resume and job preparation, return to work, educational and vocational referrals and resources, literacy assistance, individual sponsorship required. We will forward Progress Reports to Parole, Probation and Assessors on a weekly basis, as well as any Positive UA’s.

If you are a Parole Agent, Probation Officer or an Attorney with a client needing Substance Abuse Treatment Program Services, feel free to call our Administrative Office Monday through Friday for information or e-mail us. WE CAN HELP!!

We will continue to assure the community and our residents a safe environment with proper supervision and continual strict adherence to our standards, rules and regulations.


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